Eleven Hit Tunes Made Into Videos

Bohemian Rhapsody is the title of the future Queen biopic, named following the band’s most properly-identified music. Other movies about new music artists have used their most well-known tune for the title, this kind of as Mamma Mia about Abba and “I Wander the Line” about Johnny Cash. Renowned tunes have also been made use of for titles of movie live shows by specified groups, this kind of as Led Zeppelin’s The Song Stays the Exact same and The Last Waltz by the Band.

In most instances when the two productions have the same title, the movie has extremely tiny to do with the music. For case in point, the movie American Pie has no relation to the Don McLean track, nor does Fairly Female bear any resemblance to the hit by Roy Orbison.

Once in a while, strike tunes have born this kind of fantastic story lines that they movie makers have basically reworked the lyrics into a motion picture. Here are eleven examples of music that had been later on manufactured into movies.

Convoy by C.W. McCall
Kris Kristofferson was picked as the star of this photograph about a gang of truckers who use their CB radios to form a mighty coalition from corrupt practices of freeway policemen.

The Night the Lights Went Out In Ga by Vicki Lawrence
The Peach Point out is the clear environment for this tale of murder, romance, and police malpractice, based mostly on the track that reached amount just one a few decades prior.

Harper Valley P.T.A. by Jeannie C. Riley
Barbara Eden stars as the pretty blond mother who gets fed up with the hypocrites in her modest city, just like the main character in the popular track from the Sixties.

Ode To Billie Joe by Bobbi Gentry
Of class the Tallahatchi Bridge would be integrated in the movie, for it served as element of the refrain in the track about a magic formula affair and its mysterious aftermath.

Coal Miner’s Daughter by Loretta Lynn
Since the tune was autobiographical, it made ideal perception to assign it as properly to the Sissy Spacek motion picture about the nation legend ‘s everyday living.

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers
The manufactured for Television film, starring the singer himself, did not have wherever close to the achievements as the range one particular report.

Hurricane by Bob Dylan
Ruben Carter experienced from false imprisonment for murder, an injustice that Bob Dylan made into the most significant hit from the Need album. Three a long time later on, the story of the heavy fat champ was built into an unforgettable movie.

Tom Dooley by the Kingston Trio
Murder serves as the backdrop for this folks typical, which quite in a natural way suit into a Hollywood Western.

Really Boy Floyd by Woody Guthrie
He was a gangster whom Woody painted as a Robin Hood in the track, which twenty a long time afterwards was produced into a script.

Copa Cabana by Barry Manilow
Rico and Tony get into a lethal fight over Lola the dancer in each the tune and the film, the former of which has been much additional enduring than the latter.

Alice’s Cafe by Arlo Guthrie
Everyone’s beloved Thanksgiving track is virtually as very long as (but a lot funnier than)/the film itself, which appeared a couple of a long time later on with Arlo himself as the star.

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